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How to Clean your blinds - Bruce Blinds

One of the biggest questions we get asked (also one of the biggest considerations when buying) is how to clean various types of Window blinds. We have compiled a list of blinds types, and what we consider the best methods of cleaning each type of blind.

Cleaning Your Blinds

One of our easiest products to clean are those with teflon coatings, or wipe free coatings. Look out for these blinds throughout the site if you need blinds in an area of heavy wear or in the reach of young children or animals .Regular cleaning and dusting will help to prolong the life of your blinds and enhance the look and feel of your room.


This guide should help in deciding which cleaning method is best for you, and remember, regular cleaning will be quick and easy, letting dust & grime build up on your blinds over a period of time can dull the materials and pose a headache when it comes to cleaning!

Cleaning Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds are fairly rugged and versatile. you can wash, dust or vacuum the blinds without causing damage. The smooth surface ont he majority of our Aluminium blinds makes them ideal for regular dusting, cutting down on the need for heavy cleaning.

To dust the blind, use a soft clean cloth or duster and tilt the slats to wipe clean. If you are using a vacuum, attach the brush head and tilt the slats (being careful not to bend them).

To wash aluminium blinds, use a damp cloth or sponge. For stubborn stains add a mild detergent to your cleaning utensil. You can also take the blind down and soak in a tub of mild soapy water and then rinse clean and wipe dry - or dry completely in the open air.

Wood Blinds

Ideally, clean your wooden blinds by dusting them using a clean soft dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush attachment, the surface is smooth so dust should be easily removed. Washing your wooden blinds could seriously damage them. Water or dampness can warp or discolour the slats.

Fabric Blinds (except Roman Blinds)

Most of our fabric blinds are manufactured using anti static fabrics so dust buildup should be minimal & the brush attachment of your vacuum leaner should be sufficient to clean your blind. You can also use lukewarm water and a light detergent well diluted to remove tougher dirt & stains. We always recommend you try this on a small corner of the blind before cleaning a large area to ensure the fabric is colourfast.


Some fabrics can also be dry cleaned but we recommend you check the label before doing so. Also check with your dry cleaner to make sure they have the facilities to clean blinds.

Roman Blinds

Most roman blinds can be dry cleaned but extra care should be taken when doing so, your local dry cleaners should be able to give you advice if you take your fabric into them. Simply detach the roman blind fabric from the head rail and remove all extras from the fabric such as the bottom bar and any rods. our advice is to take a photo of the blind as you remove items so you can easily refer to it later when replacing everything.

If your roman blind is only dusty you can use the brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust from the blind. Care should be taken not to pull or snag the fabric and we never advise applying the vacuum cleaner to the blind without a brush attachment as the suction may suck your blind up the hose causing snags or damage.




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